Shannon Miller

Hi! Welcome to Conversations with Shannon. My name is Shannon and I am the mamma to three amazing children, Nicky, Kaiti, and Josh. They are my heart and soul. In 2014, my world was completely shattered when my daughter, Kaiti, was murdered. Shock. Numbness. Disbelief. Fear. Sadness. Not only was I was deeply missing my Kaiti, but I was also attempting to navigate all the added layers that murder brought to my grief process – detectives, the justice system, and media invasion. There came a point where I knew that I needed to make a choice – a choice to either stay forever in the darkness of my grief OR fight to live this new life with purpose and joy. I chose to live! I honoured my grief and allowed myself to feel all the feelings that come with pain and sorrow, and then began taking steps towards healing. Grief… Healing… Empowerment. Today, I am an Inspirational Speaker, a Grief Guide and Empowerment Coach, and Author.

As an Inspirational Speaker, I share my story of grief, healing, and empowerment with others to give them hope, to let them know that they are not alone and that they CAN survive and live a full and happy life in spite of their grief, fear, and trauma. I have spoken at numerous events including being the Keynote Speaker at The Uncommon Woman Tour (2018 and 2019), The Great Canadian Woman Summit 2019, the Master of Ceremonies for The Great Canadian Woman She Is Strong and Free book launch in October 2019, at the Mount Royal University Criminal Justice class, and on several podcasts.

With my work as a Grief Guide, I help others as they walk through the darkness of their grief and learn to live life again with love, purpose, and hope. Knowing that support is an integral part of surviving and healing from grief and trauma, I also work with support systems – family, friends, and co-workers, to give them insight into the ‘do’s and do not’s’ when supporting someone in grief.

My Empowerment Coaching is the “Now What?” after you survived your grief and are looking to live your BEST life ever!

I am honoured to be a co-author, along with 13 other incredible Canadian women, in the best-selling book “The Great Canadian Woman She Is Strong and Free”. In my chapter ‘Bye Baby, I Love You’ I give the reader a glimpse into the devastation of grief and some of the steps I took to begin to heal.

There are times, that the outside world will never see, when you must be braver than brave, and stronger than strong, in order to survive.” – Shannon Miller