Shannon is a traumatic grief survivor. Her world was completely shattered in 2014 when her daughter, Kaiti, was brutally murdered at a house party. Shannon was blessed to have incredible support from family and friends following Kaiti’s death, but life carried on, of course, and people went back to their own lives. Shannon found herself struggling to cope while still trying desperately to be a mamma to her other two children, Nicky and Josh. Unable to find a counsellor or therapist to help her navigate her grief, with all the layers that murder brings into it, including the justice system, media invasion, and trauma, Shannon started to develop her own system to move forward with her life. Trial and error, falling down but always getting back up, discovering what worked for her and what didn’t, Shannon was determined not to drown in her tsunami of grief.

Today Shannon is a Grief Guide, where she coaches others as they walk through their darkness of grief and learn to live life with purpose and hope. As a Grief Guide, Shannon also works with support systems (family members/friends) of those in grief in order to help guide them in assisting their loved ones while they heal.

Shannon is also an Inspirational Speaker, sharing her story with others so that they know they are not alone and that they CAN survive and live a full and happy life in spite of their grief, fear, and loss. She has spoken at numerous events including The Uncommon Woman Tour and at Mount Royal University – Criminal Justice class.