Shannon on The Theo Fleury Podcast – “Episode #14 – Shannon Miller”

Shannon on The Unbroken Soul Podcast by Amanda Joy – “Navigating the Depths of Grief After the Murder of her Daughter with Shannon Miller”

Shannon on the Love Your Cells Podcast by Sue Ruhe – “A Conversation With Shannon Miller”

Conversations with Shannon – Tsunami – Life after Murder with Shannon Miller hosted by Ashley Anjlien Kumar, The Confidence Coach by Conversations with Shannon

Shannon on The Love Of Purple by Krista Kokot – “GRIEF and all it’s Mess”

Shannon Miller, Keynote Speaker (My Inner Warrior) – The Uncommon Woman Tour, Calgary, Alberta (October 2019)

Shannon on The Things We Couldn’t Say Podcast by Nicole Dalcourt – “Grief Shaming: Silence & Judgement”

Shannon Miller, Speaker/Author – The Great Canadian Woman Summit, Muskoka, Ontario (October 2019)

Conversations with Shannon – Speaker Reel by Conversations with Shannon

Shannon on The Great Canadian Woman Podcast by Sarah Swain- “Navigating the Tsunami of Grief”

Shannon Miller, Keynote Speaker – The Uncommon Woman Tour, Calgary, Alberta (October 2018)
Shannon Miller, Speaker – Why I Started ‘Conversations with Shannon’, Vancouver, BC (October 2018)
Shannon Miller, Media Interview for Quinterra Legacy Garden – South Glenmore Park, Calgary, Alberta (March 2019)
Shannon Miller on CBC – The Homestretch (Quinterra Legacy Garden to be built in South Glenmore Park)


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