“I don’t know where to begin talking about what Shannon has brought into my life over the last couple of years. From the very first day, I sat across from her at Good Earth Coffee shop, I’ve been inspired, motivated, educated and informed on such a deeper level of living with Grief than I could even imagine. Shannon has the peaceful & powerful ability to relate to you on whatever level you are at in your own life dealing with grief. Shannon, as a grief guide has experienced and continues to experience the worst devastating grief imaginable to a mother and somehow she continues to show up, find the happy in the day and helps others like myself, do the exact same thing. Shannon has a way of creating a safe place to talk about our dead loved ones because she knows speaking our truth in order to move through the unspeakable pain is the only way we will get through the darkness. I wish I had known Shannon years ago when my I went through the unbearable sudden death of my dad to help me know I wasn’t alone, to give me permission to speak up, to just be the someone that fully understood the darkness of the pain. Today, I am forever grateful to have her guidance, wisdom and love as I move forward in other areas of healing from the death of my Dad. If you are on the fence about hiring Shannon as your Grief Guide.. get off now, and invest in yourself with someone who practices daily what she helps her clients with.”

Krista Kokot, Lifecoach @ KK Coaching Inc.

“Hearing Shannon speak at the Great Canadian Woman Summit moved me in a way I have NEVER experienced before. Her words, her story, her energy, shifted my cells in such an unforgettable way. She is powerful, she is brilliant, and she is strong. She will forever inspire me in this life.”

Sue Ruhe B.A., R.M.T.