Guiding Light and Grief Guidance Coaching*

Sessions are held in person** and/or remotely via Zoom Meeting/Phone/WhatsApp Video Call

**Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic ‘in person’ sessions have been put on hold indefinitely. Thank you for your understanding!

Guiding Light and Grief Guidance Coaching*
may be helpful for you (or someone you know) if…

  • You are stuck in the darkness of your grief and you need a shining light to guide you out
  • You want to learn how to better deal with triggers (anticipated and unexpected ones)
  • You feel alone and that no one understands what you are going through
  • You just want someone to listen to you
  • You want a safe and healing place to express your grief
  • You would like help creating a self-nurturing routine
  • You wish for someone to walk beside you in your grief journey
  • You want someone who will allow you to feel all the feelings instead of trying to ‘fix’ you
  • You want to learn to live this new life but do not know where to start
  • You are interested in healing practices like yoga, breathwork, and writing, and would like support
  • You are tired of the misconceptions towards grief and long to share your realities and what heartache you live with
  • You want to reconnect as you have been isolating yourself
  • You are grieving the death of someone you love
Shannon Miller, Speaker/Author – The Great Canadian Woman Summit, Muskoka, Ontario (October 2019)

“There will be times, that the outside world will never see, where you must be braver than brave and stronger than strong in order to survive.” – Shannon Miller

Guiding Light and Grief Guidance Coaching* Sessions available:

  • 30 Minute, Guiding Light Session
  • 1 Hour, Guiding Light Session
  • Grief Guidance Session 5-Pack (5 Sessions, 1 hour each)
  • Grief Guidance Session 10-Pack (10 Sessions, 1 hour each)

Would you like to help a grieving person in your life but don’t know how? Give them the gift of Grief Guidance and Coaching. All sessions can be gifted to those in need. They will feel supported, heard, and comforted as they walk through the darkness of their grief.

Please email Shannon Miller at or complete the contact form found below for further informaton, session pricing, intake forms and appointment times.

*DISCLAIMER: Shannon Miller is a Grief Guide and Coach, not a registered therapist nor a professional medical practitioner. Any and all information provided does not constitute a medical opinion and is not intended to substitute professional psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, therapy, diagnosis, or treatment.